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Inside the War Within Part 4

Tracks 7 & 8…


Bernz and I went on a road trip to Atlanta to work with a few producers but most of our time was scheduled with Will Power who you probably know from producing a huge amount of Yelawolf’s music or even from Stevie Stone’s single “Dollar General”. I reached out to him because i had been a fan for sometime and his manager hit me back saying he was tied up with producing Yela’s next project so he couldn’t just send me beats but he’d love to link up and work together in the same room. The resulting trip ended up producing a bunch of records that has still yet to be heard including a now lost tapes collabo with Jarren Benton. But we were able to pull 2 records out of the sessions to make the album. One of which was Floating Away. It’s no secret to those who know me that over the years i been a fan of dabbling in hallucinogenics. When i first heard the beat for Floating Away I immediately thought of the effects from past experiences with mushrooms. Something about the riff in the beat and how whimsical it felt just automatically took me to that state of mind where the colors are all switched around and everything is melting. From there the record pretty much wrote itself. I originally wanted to feature Redman on this record. He had said he was down to do it but then he got caught up on the road and we weren’t able to link it up in time. 


When I went to Kansas City to work with Seven and told him what I was looking for I could see his mind working and one of the first tracks he played me was the beat for Adrenaline. It literally rattled the walls and was perfect for what the album needed. It was one of those records I just took and went into a room and shut the world out to complete. I’ve always said Adrenaline is one of the best drugs on the planet. I’ve had shows where right before i went on stage I felt like vomiting and the second I crossed onto the stage the feeling completely evaporated. I was always fascinated by the effect that adrenaline has on us and I wanted to theme a record around that fascination. I had a small list of people I thought would sound great on this record. There was Tech N9ne of course, Twista, and Crooked I. Crooked was playing a show in Miami during the time I was recording the album and one of my managers linked up with him and his team to get him on the record. I think his contribution to the song real rounded out the record nicely. 

We’re in Norfolk, VA tonight on the “Something Else” Tour. Moving down the home stretch and I’m really looking forward to getting back in the studio.

More to Come…


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